Project Description

Say Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Birthday, Love You, Miss You …

Whatever your message, we’ll send an 8×8 framed photograph (framed and printed on premium canvas – no glass required) along with a handcrafted message to express your affections and best wishes to a friend or family member.

$50 each or 10% off your order of three or more (just use coupon code: CONNECT10 at checkout)

Soft Aspens

Snow Bunny

Purple Window, Tucson

Joshua Tree, Dusk

Frost, Windsor Colorado

Flower Cart, Sante Fe

Chaco Canyon

Blue Green Door, Tucson

Blue Door, Albuquerque

Autumn, Rist Canyon

Aspen Path

Agave, San Diego

Aw, The Sun

Bald Eagle, Windsor Colorado

Bald Eagle

Bison, Tetons

Black Throated Sparrow

Blue Door Sante Fe

Blue Door, Taos

Blue Glow

Blue Screen Door, Taos

Burrowing Owl

Cross Santuario de Chimamyo

Great Horned Owl

Joshua Tree, Evening

Juniper and Rock, Joshua Tree

Kestrel and Snow


White Door Tucson

Meadowlark in Flight

Otter’s Morning Bath

Moulton Barn, Tetons

Mr. Squirrel

Oh Really

Red Door, Tucson

Rock Wren

Stellar’s Jays


Succulents Tempe, Arizona

Tufted Titmouse

Two Ravens, Tetons

Sunning Snow Bunny


Western Bluebird

Acorn Woodpecker

White-Crowned Sparrow

Red-winged Blackbird

Downey Woodpecker

Sheep Portrait

Red Fox

Snow Storm Northern Colorado

Red Fox and Kit

Bald Eagle

Red Fox Kit


Mr. Flicker