“To me, each photograph I take is a small jewel, a precious discovery that is to be experienced in great detail.”

My life as a photographer has become an exploration of the intimacy of nature, focusing on design, lines, texture and color. As a result, my photographs are all totally in focus and full of detail, revealing the personality of the place in the moment. I can rarely be found shooting photographs on a windy day or in any situation that doesn’t allow me to set up my tripod and truly, completely focus. One little gust, or a single flutter means that I will lose the detail and crispness that I am looking for.

My classic training by experts in photography and darkroom techniques from experts served me well as I migrated to the use of a digital camera in the mid 2000’s. Today, I work only with digital cameras that enable me to create images 24” x 36” or larger and still maintain vivid color and detail. I create my own archival prints using the Canon Lucia EX ink set on art papers and canvas.

I hope my images provide you with the opportunity to connect with nature in a profound moment of stillness.